updates a year and 2 months into transition


Hello blog land. I’m sorry I’ve not posted in a while. My transition has been going well but has hit some weird hitches along the way. Last October my stomach issues got a lot worse, and I managed to lose 30lb in 3 months. This was a good and a bad thing. It was good because I could always use to lose some weight but was not great because I lost the weight in an unhealthy way. In January my doctor and I made the decision to switch me from spironolactone to monthly Lupron injection’s. This has seemed to help the stomach issues but didn’t help with the chronic pain I’ve experienced for a long time. Unfortunately, the fibromyalgia pain has made it very hard to go out and do stuff. This is unfortunate because I was excited to go through college and hopefully get a job after obtaining my associate degree. My doctor and I are trying some medications to help with the fibromyalgia pain but haven’t found anything that has worked as of yet. In happier news I got to meet the surgeon that is going to do my bottom surgery on March 12th. He is a very kind man and I look forward to working with him more. The surgeon gave me a long list of things to do including a year of laser hair removal, and a consultation with the urologist that will be joining the gender confirmation surgeon during the operation. In other transition news I’ve been able to go out and pass without trying. This is nice because it used to take a lot of work to pass. Now I can throw on some sweats and a shirt and go outside without the fear of being misgendered. I’m sorry for the long delay in posts but am hoping to make these more of a thing. I’m finding that writing is a good coping mechanism for my fibromyalgia pain and hope that I can turn my dribbles I write in my journal into good blog posts. If anything, I might talk about my fibromyalgia journey, and hopefully will give my dear readers a look into life with fibromyalgia.

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