a drone, a dog, and some updates

I know I know. I’ve not updated my blog in a long time. This is partially because of writers block, partially because I’ve been in a lot of pain, and partially because the American Council of the Blind convention is two days from now. Unfortunately we haven’t seen any improvements using pregabalin and I’m starting to wonder if the medication is an effective treatment for my case of fibromyalgia. On the bright side I’ve been doing a very intense regiment of acupuncture and see some pain reduction for about a day and a half. Unfortunately this is not good enough to fully function in society and we really need to look for a better treatment protocol. In better news I’ve decided last minute to run for vice president of blind pride international so I’m looking forward to seeing how that goes.

I’m considering putting something amusing from my life in my blog posts and want your responses to this section in my blog. Yesterday as I was walking around my neighborhood I started noticing something that sounded like a drone buzzing very close to my dogs head. In my ever abounding wisdom I decided to think nothing of it and let the stupidity pass. 10 to 15 seconds later I proceeded to notice that the drone noise was gone and my dog was acting like nothing happened. I then quickly thought we were all good and the person being idiotic with the drone had wizened up. This turned out to not be the case, and I guess the world had to bless me with comedy gold to brighten my day. I then got notified by the drone user that my dog had actually caught the drone in his mouth mid flight and that the propeller broke during the epic catch. This is proof that service dogs are not robots, and also is one of the many reasons I work a service dog on a daily basis.

I guess this is a transition related blog so I better give you all an update on my transition.  Today I’ll be receiving required laser treatment so that I can receive gender confirmation surgery sometime next year. Getting this surgery is a really important piece of my transition because my bottom dysphoria is gradually getting worse and really needs to be solved as soon as possible. While I think every piece of transition related care is important I think gender confirmation surgery and hormones are the most important piece of my transition because my face doesn’t particularly bother me. It’s not like I have to physically see my face’s details in the mirror every day. After bottom surgery I’m sure I’ll still have gender dysphoria, but I know deep down the bottom dysphoria causes most of my anxiety.